Chromium Engineering has technical capacity to deliver Oil, Gas and Power Asset Start-up services. We are well equipped to handle such services across the entire Asset life-cycle and value chain. These services include but not limited to the following:

Ø Oil and Gas Pipeline pre-commissioning, Commissioning and Start-up.

Ø Baseline Intelligent Pigging, Cleaning, Flooding, Dewatering, Hydrostatic, Gross leak Testing, Drying, Gauging, Profiling, Nitrogen inerting and Preservation.

Ø Brownfield integrity check and cleaning operations.

Ø Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) Data gathering and analysis (QEDi, GoCOMPLETION, ICAPS, e.t.c.).

Ø De-commissioning, de-oiling and salvaging of pipelines and flowlines.

Ø NDT services: Radiography, MPI, Dye penetrant, UT and visual.

Ø Pipeline engineering and construction.

Ø Pipeline Operations and Maintenance.

Ø Valves (automated and non-automated), greasing, sealing, lubrication, operations and maintenance.

Ø SCADA system and Industrial security installation, operations and maintenance.

Ø Spurline line constructions.




Our personnel’s years of experience in operation and maintenance of Oil, Gas and Power plants and other related facilities have given us a competitive advantage in this area. We have all necessary tools, skills and experience to handle both Risk Based Inspection (RBI) and Reliability based preventive and corrective operations and maintenance of different assets. 

We have engineers that have worked both offshore and onshore/swamps in both IOCs and LOCs. Our competences in this area include but not limited to the following:

Ø Risk Based Inspection and Planning (RBI)

Ø Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)

Ø Plant/Facility technical audit.

Ø Flow-station maintenance and revamping.

Ø Operations and maintenance of different assets.

Ø Cathodic protection installation, operations and maintenance.

Ø Odorizing system installation, Repair, operations and maintenance.

Ø Boiler system installation, Repair, operations and maintenance.

Ø Fire and Gas (F&G) and ESD design installation, operations and maintenance.

Ø FPSO and other offshore Vessels’ Operations and maintenance services.



The biggest current Operating Cost (OPEX) for companies, offices and Facilities around the world lies in power and energy as a whole. It is estimated that energy and power constitute over 40% of OPEX. Against this backdrop, CHROMIUM Engineering Limited is well equipped with modern energy and power auditing skills to identify energy/power wastages, Energy Conservation Opportunities (ECOs) and able to help our clients cut down on their cost of operations. 

We are capable of the following:

Ø Energy and power audit of plants and building for OPEX optimization.

Ø Electrical installations and maintenance.

Ø Repair and replacement of electrical and power equipment.

Ø Electrical equipment commissioning loop-check.

Ø Integrated Control and Safety Systems (ICSS) and Distributed Control System (DCS) installation, operations and maintenance.

Ø Calibration and repair of safety critical elements and instruments.