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Manpower outsourcing has been one of the vital ways of cutting down on OPEX for organizations in recent time. CHROMIUM Engineering Limited is skilled at bridging the gap of manpower supply. We have a robust database of expatriates and locals, both skilled and unskilled. We are well positioned to take the stress of manpower management off your shoulder at cost lower than the cost of handling them directly. Secondly, our ability to mobilize instructors and resource person within and outside the country for any training need has given us an edge in this area.

We have capacity in the following:

Ø Man power supply (Technical, Non-technical, Skilled and Unskilled, Expatriate and Locals)

Ø Training and Capacity building.

Ø Manpower outsourcing.



Chromium Engineering Limited has capacity to handle all your procurement activities both locally and internationally. We can also provide warehousing services to allow your organization practise a JIT (Just-in-Time) inventory system with the attendant cost reduction effect on your OPEX. 

The following are the key areas where you can count on us:

Ø Procurement of Power, Oil and Gas consumables and equipment

Ø Material audits and reconciliation

Ø Warehouse management

Ø Expediting



We know how burdensome and costly highly skilled engineering services could be for organization. We are well equipped to take these stresses off our clients’ shoulders. We have highly skilled professionals who have gotten a lot of experience working with IOCs. Contact us in case you need support in the following areas:

Ø Project management.

Ø HAZOP, HAZID, and HSE Case coordination.

Ø FEED and Detailed Engineering Design (P&ID, PEFS, e.t.c)

Ø Procedures, Method statements and Marked-up drawings development.

Ø Design verification and analysis.

Ø Engineering analysis (Fire and Gas disperse analysis, e.t.c)

Ø Advanced data analysis using applicable software and other industry packages.

Ø Process auditing and optimization.


Chromium Engineering has operational agreement for both throughput and distribution of white products (Diesel, Petrol, Kerosene, and LPFO) with a number of Depot and Filling stations across the world. We are also fully into LPG (cooking gas) sales and distribution. 

Our strengths in this area include but not limited to:

Ø White product storage and throughput services

Ø White product distribution and sales.

Ø LPG gas distribution and sales


Our forte also includes civil and structural activities. We can deliver professional civil services as detailed below:

Ø Building construction.

Ø Building upgrade.

Ø Civil design drawings.

Ø Civil construction, supervision and monitoring.

Ø Fabrication


Information and Communication Technology (ICT) plays a key role in every organization today. Virtually all activities today ride on the backbone of ICT. Contact Chromium Engineering Limited for your ICT needs. We have experience across the entire ICT value chain, from software and hardware installation and maintenance to WAN/LAN and servers’ set-up and administration.

Our strengths in the area of ICT include but not limited to the following: 

Ø WAN and LAN configuration, installation, and maintenance for offices and plants.

Ø Server set-up and maintenances (Linus and window based).

Ø Hardware and software installation and maintenance.

Ø VOIP services and support

For all the services highlighted above and other related services, contact CHROMIUM Engineering Limited via our email at

Let us discuss on the areas we can add values to your organization.